"Festivals are a music lover's heaven" - Interview

Nobert Latim, Student aus Kampala, verbrachte sieben Monate mit Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli und lernte als Praktikant eine Reihe Festivals in all ihren Farben und Facetten kennen. Im Interview skizziert Norbert, was für ihn die hiesige Festivalkultur bedeutet und inwieweit Social Responsibility auf Festivals gelebt wird!

Latim Nobert, Aktivist bei VCA Kampala in Uganda

Latim Nobert,  VCA Kampala in Uganda

What means this German festival culture to you? How would you describe it?

From an entertainment perspective I describe them as big and a lot of fun, at every hour of the day music is being played somewhere. In short the festivals are a music lover's heaven!

For me it's extra interesting because live band music in Uganda is still picking up. So to see almost 90% of performances done live with instruments means festivals are a showcase of the artist's authenticity and talent.


At which point did you observe „social responsibility“ during your visits at German festivals?


It was all over, right from the Viva con Agua infostand to the artists making announcements for VcA and the festival visitors donating their cups. This was what I can call a chain reaction in social responsibility. VcA identifies lack of water somewhere, makes people with a "voice" aware of this issue, these people use their voices to reach out to people who can change the situation. I think that is social responsibility at its best.

Also at the end of the festivals particularly SPLASH!. There was so much wasted food at the camping site and i was so touched by the people from food sharing who collect all this food to give to the needy. I think there is more attention needed in this area still.


Is it possible to be responsible concerning nature at a festival?

Yes, it is. I think the best example is not throwing the plastic cups on the ground. I think the green camping and its services should be made cheaper to make it more accessible to other people. The cheaper it is the more people will be interested.


Internationality of festival culture? Is it inspiring also for other countries?

I think internationality is very important because people learn each other's culture first hand. 

If you go to Summerjam for example,  you will meet many original Jamaicans, at Wacken you'll understand more about Heavy Metal. I always think there is no better way to know the truth other than from the source.


Text & Redaktion: Latim Nobert, Claudia Gersdorf & Philipp Bensmann