Walk with us from Kigali to Kampala and celebrate Viva con Agua Uganda – Art, Music, Sports creating WATER FOR ALL

Viva con Agua Uganda started out of the desire to engage people in a process in which they are responsible for their own. Most of what is done in Germany to support water projects in Uganda could be done in Uganda. Therefore, it only made sense that we as Ugandans did not just watch others but join the international movement Viva con Agua in the fight against thirst.


Three years later it is such an honour to see that VCA Uganda has moved several steps forward and is looking further outwards yet still inwards. Viva con Agua Uganda was founded with self-help in mind and internal motivation, being the first VCA country in the southern hemisphere.

The walk from Kigali to Kampala is not only a walk but also an opportunity to introduce yet a second African country to the VCA community. The world is such a small-big place, small enough to ensure that our message reaches everyone, big enough to require that we bring as many people on board to reach as many as possible with our vision WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER.

The walk from Kigali to Kampala is such a great opportunity to reach out to people about the ever-growing adverse effects of climate change on the environment more so on water (sources) and affected resources and activities. It could not have come at a better time whereby in Uganda the climate is beginning to change drastically as farmers and several communities can testify. “I tip my hat to all those participating in the walk for that is not an easy journey to make but the purpose of the journey is noble and this alone I am sure will strengthen the team to go through with it,” clarifies Adam Laquche, one of the founders of Viva con Agua Uganda.

“This year is also special because, we have the privilege of ushering in Millerntor Gallery into the Ugandan art scene.  We want to tap into the energy of all Ugandan art lovers whether young or old to ‘create’ water through art”, adds Papa Shabani, photographer, artist and cofounder of Viva con Agua Uganda.

And his friend and cofounder Francis Mugoya explains another crucial vision of VCA: “Hopefully, this will be the first step towards redefining the understanding of  charity organisations in Uganda as merely a source of receiving  handouts to from the northern hemisphere. We instead want to awaken the society, make them realise their potential and direct their efforts towards realizing positive social change while doing something they enjoy doing already.”

Finally, in true Viva con Agua fashion the Ugandan team wants to wrap this year’s activities in a fun and engaging way with the third edition of the We Love Youganda festival: “We make merry, expand our network, relish our accomplishments, learn from our mistakes, and strategize for future to ensure that we never falter in our quest to ensure that as many Ugandans as possible can have access to clean drinking water.”

Thanks to all the supporters ranging from the artists, musicians, dancers, poets, sportives, personalities and simple men and women like you and I! Viva con Agua Uganda is grateful and looking forward to scaling more heights in unison all for water.