Mogli in Ethiopia for clean water

Since 2006 Viva con Agua is supporting water projects in Ethiopia. They regularly go back to check the progress, start new projects and visit their partners and friends.

A longterm fan of their work as I was able to go with them this January.

We visited a water well they drilled last year in a remote village that previously had no access to clean water and I was able to see the change it made for the people with my own eyes.

I was welcomed with open hearts by everyone I met in this beautiful country and I believe in the power of community so I want to give back.

1 Water Well = Clean water for 1000 people

1 Water Well = 10.000 Euro

1 Person donating 10 Euro = Clean water for one person

(average depending on the location and community)

Water is a human right. Let's do this!

One love,




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