Take part! Join in!

Viva con Agua – ´cos your´re the drop that counts!

Viva con Agua see´s itself as an open network!

Viva con Agua (VcA) is a platform for social engagement with a great feeling, wanting to motivate EVERYONE into action and enable them to have a positive influence.
Wherever you are you can get involved, in your own surroundings with your own possibilities! We work together with people from all around the world and are happpy for every bit of HELP!

It´s so simple to make a small difference to the world!

You have a good idea for Viva con Agua?!
You need a creative process for developing an idea?
You need a partner for the realisation?
You already have a plan, but still need input in regards to content or logistical support with materials and manpower?

We answer every mail and are pleased about every call!

So, get in touch!

Viva con Agua says: Thanks!

And right now we would really like to THANK last years supporters.

Without you Viva con Agua would not be what it is today!

With your dedication and work on the info stands, your planning of benefit activities for days on end and then spending long nights realising them, through your help in establishing contacts, by filming, writing texts and designing, for promoting our initiative and not to mention all the rest! Yes, YOU have accomplished something magnificent and helped develope a very special thing:

Love for joint engagement!

Has the engagement taken your fancy?!

Be a part of the water network and contact us at:


Three ways to support Viva con Agua

    1. Link up with Viva con Agua:

    Cooperation starts with handing out flyers together to promote our benefit concerts, parties and other events.
    Another important job for Viva con Agua´s profile is taking care of our obligatory info stand which we have on all our events, thus helping us present our ?Drinking Water Initiative?.
    Helping hands for the setting up and taking down of concerts, exhibitions and so on are always needed. People selling our merch-goods, controlling at the entrance to our events, editors for films, photographers...etc.

    Everyone can work with VcA!

    2. Create Viva con Agua cells:

    Start a network in your own city!

    You already have at your disposal good connections to musicians, artists, location runners, other initiatives or the media?
    You know lots of people who like to work together towards a precise goal and who would lobby for VcA?
    Take joint responsibility for and with Viva con Agua!
    Contact us and we can provide you with further contacts in your area!

    Establish your very own Viva con Agua cells/groups in your hometowns, put your ideas for a more social world into action and let the network grow ? we will support you!

    3. Viva con Agua, spread the message:

    View the world through the eyes of Viva con Agua! Who can we connect and what can we transform, yep, right infront of our doors.

    Tell the people of the world about the Viva con Agua network, invite them to get in!
    Extend your own possibilities of getting to know people and to connect!