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Job offer WASH Program Design

immediately, full time (37,5 hours per week)


You will be responsible for the development of WASH programs at Viva con Agua and the coordination of the same. The focus is on:

  • Development of a roadmap based on the WASH strategy (Operationalization of the Viva con Agua WASH Strategy)
  • Implementation and further development of the monitoring framework and the methodology for measuring impact, including standardized indicators and key metrics
  • Creation of online and print maps (QGIS) including SOPs and standards
  • Integration of remote sensing technologies (Case-by-case basis, project dependent)
  • Coordination with project managers, project teams and project partners
  • Steering and backstopping of project activities
  • Tracking and monitoring of program and project progress


  • Perfect Project Management: The main part of this role is the development of your own project ideas and designs, including relevant standards for quality assurance and project management, with a high degree of autonomy.
  • 360°-Perspective: You have strong analytical skills in strategic planning, including identifying and applying appropriate analysis to develop program design and the ability to synthesize multiple data sources and stakeholder interests.
  • Communication is key: You have the ability to listen and incorporate constructive feedback on processes and outcomes.
  • Together for more WASH power: Your profound WASH expertise makes you a congenial sparring partner for the existing WASH team.
  • You coordinate closely with the other roles in the WASH team to keep VcA’s strategic focus at the center of the project design.


  • #crewlove: We value positive, appreciative interaction and openness to feedback.
  • #flexible: Trust-based working hours, personal responsibility, home office & Co. are a matter of course for us.
  • #timely: This is a full-time position (37.5 hours per week), it is initially limited to two years with the intention to offer a permanent role thereafter.
  • #international: The projects supported by VcA are spread across Eastern and Southern Africa and South Asia. And especially staff members from the WASH team should be on site on a regular basis.
  • #coaching: We value and support personal development and provide various coaching and training opportunities.
  • #money: We have a salary model where experience, responsibilities and expertise determine your salary.

Tell us why exactly you are our new WASH Program Design talent, a perfect fit for the team and have a lot of fun developing the program for Viva con Agua with innovative content. Show us your years of professional experience in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating WASH programs. Present to us your ability to built on best practices and experiences, to support Viva con Agua as a learning organization that gradually sharpens and improves its program portfolio.

We are looking forward to meet YOU!

As an international organization, we support diversity, openness, and mutual respect. In line with our values, applications are evaluated only on their professional qualifications and are considered regardless of ethnic or social origin, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. To promote diversity in our team, we particularly welcome applications from people with an international background.

Please upload your application as a PDF (in one file!) by September 4th, 2023, 23:59, here.

Please include your salary expectations. Your contact person is Chris.

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