Our SOCIAL ELEVEN for clean drinking water

Support a good cause while playing football  

We found a way how to combine our favourite sport with our mission “water for all”: SOCIAL ELEVEN.  

What it’s all about? Every month, together with FUMS an KickTV, Viva con Agua nominates the SOCIAL ELEVEN. This team is comprised of different professional and amateur football players who come together for the good cause of water.

The idea of the campaign ist o generate donations for the Football4WASH Programm in Uganda. All participants donate themselfes and also try to find sponsors who feel like supporting the project financially. 

You can get super creatice when it comes to the method of generating donations: you can donate for every kilometer you run during a match, training or free time for example. But you can also become an official Viva con Agua supporter for 5 euro a month and integrate the local press. Feel free to support however you want to support!

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    This is Football4WASH

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    Social 11 as part of Football4Future

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