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Water for all,
all for Water

Viva con Agua promotes access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. We rely on activism and use the universal languages of music, sport and art for our work and our national and international projects. Help us support the vision “Water for all – All for water” because water is life.


WASH against Covid-19

We are supporting longterm running WASH-projects. WASH means Water, Sanitation, Hygiene.  These three parts combined ensure an sustainable impact for the people involved.

WASH supports health and therefor plays a key role in strengthening health care systems.

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Viva con Agua promotes clean drinking water worldwide! Driven by positive activism and a lot of joy, we are a non-profit association and international network of people and organizations committed to the vision WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER.

We support water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects with our local and international partner organizations.

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Become a part of the family

Viva con Agua is supported by over 10.000 volunteers. They are actively engaged for social change and support clean drinking water through creative actions in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands.

Water is a human right

Water is life. For this reason, we are committed to realizing the human rights to water and sanitation. Together with locally and internationally active partners and partner organizations, we support water projects worldwide. Because together we can achieve more than alone. It’s the central approach of our WASH strategy to develop supported water projects together. The Viva con Agua design forms an important basis for this work.


Be the change you want to see in the world!

We want to take part in changing the world in a positive way. Therefor we engage in a joyfull activism: social engagement should also be about fun and having a positive impact. We call it ALL PROFIT! 




Water projects – it sounds simple, but is so versatile! We support projects in various Viva con Agua countries and pursue the WASH approach. In addition, we were able to develop many other creative approaches which support the success of our projects. We collaborate with many local and international partner organizations.

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We are promoting Social Business for social change! The Viva con Agua mineral water supports our vision of “Water for all” in supermarkets, cafés, restaurants or bars in more and more places all over Germany.

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