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Project design of water projects

Water is life. For this reason, we are committed to realizing the human rights to water and sanitation. Together with locally and internationally active partners and partner organizations, we support water projects worldwide. Because together we can achieve more than alone. It’s the central approach of our WASH strategy to develop supported water projects together. The Viva con Agua design forms an important basis for this work.

“Our mission is to activate ALL FOR WATER
for providing WATER FOR ALL!”

(Viva con Agua WASH strategy)

Water is life

Besides the air we breathe, water is a basic prerequisite for our lives. This is why we are convinced: Water is a human right. Viva con Agua pursues the vision that all people worldwide should have access to clean drinking water and sanitation as well as basic hygiene facilities. We are sure that this vision is no utopia.

That is why we support WASH projects worldwide. WASH is the abbreviation for water, sanitation, hygiene. All water projects that we support are based on this triad. The interaction of WASH promotes the long-term and sustainable success of the individual project activities. For example, WASH supports …

Improvement of health
Access to clean drinking water protects people against bacteria in contaminated water. Washing hands with soap is one of the most effective ways to prevent diseases from spreading.
Improvement of education
WASH gives children and teenagers more time for school and education. Better health reduces absence rates. Moreover, access to WASH makes schools more attractive. Especially girls and young women benefit from that.

John’s Rig, our mobile drilling rig in Ethiopia

Sustainable success in WASH projects

The idea of adding our Viva con Agua design to WASH projects aims to secure the sustainable and long-term success of the supported projects. We therefore rely on different approaches: From using the so-called universal languages in workshops to placing a special focus on work in schools, holistic strategies and project designs to supporting social business approaches.

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    Art, music, sport as universal languages

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    Longterm success: Sustainable Service Initiative

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    More than “charity”: Social Business with impact

Challenges involved in our WASH projects

When people and technology meet, development cooperation projects face special challenges. One thing’s for sure: Wells are not everything, but without wells, all is nothing! For this reason, we promote and develop holistic project approaches that go beyond the mere provision of hardware (besides wells, this also includes toilets, hand-washing facilities etc.) and contribute to the long-term operation of these facilities. Viva con Agua is constantly developing and consistently optimizing project quality in order to turn donations into an investment in sustainability and the improvement of projects.

Handwashing station in Nepal

Partner organizations involved in WASH projects

We believe in joint success. Cooperation is more important to us than competition. Therefore, we are convinced that our vision Water for all can be implemented best by working with partners. We collaborate with many local and international partner organizations and players. Some of these collaborations focus on substance, but most often it’s our longstanding partner organizations that implement our supported WASH projects supported on site.

Since its birth, Viva con Agua can rely on a strong partner and friend: Welthungerhilfe (World Hunger Aid). It is the largest partner organization of Viva con Agua, including its respective country offices.

Furthermore, we have recently established collaborations with other international NGOs like HelvetasPLAN, Menschen für Menschen and BORDA as well as Ped-world and WasserStiftung.

Local NGOs are important partners in terms of successful project implementation, e.g. ORDA in EthiopiaPACIDA and LOKADO in Kenya, Viva con Agua Uganda in Uganda und Viva con Agua South Africa, SEND in Sierra Leone, the organization Jan Jal Jodo by the “Waterman of India”, Parmarth and Helioz in IndiaRRN and Sheshkant Foundation in Nepal.

Public institutions, companies, civil society movements and networks of young, motivated activists – mainly from the areas of music, art and sport – are also part of the Viva con Agua cosmos.

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