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Your donations – our responsibility! As a non-profit association, it goes without saying that our use of funds is transparent.

Viva con Agua has been recognized as a non-profit association by the tax office since its foundation in 2006. In compliance with the articles of our association, we use all donations and revenues for our work and projects.

Use of funds

(*The figures shown represent the preliminary evaluation of the year 2022, which is subject to final accounting by the tax office, status March 2023.)

Basically, we distinguish between these three areas:

  1. International projects: We support water projects in the priority regions East Africa and Asia. Local partner organizations and experts, with many of whom we have collaborated for many years, implement the projects professionally.
  2. National projects: Since its foundation, Viva con Agua has also been active in Germany and provides information on the global issue of water. We work with kindergartens and schools, motivate young people at festivals and look after a constantly growing network of volunteers. Our educational responsibility is explicitly set out in the articles of association.
  3. Public relations & administration: These departments are indispensable for any organization because they keep everything running.

Public relations and fundraising: If no one knows that Viva con Agua exists, no one will donate to support the projects. This is why we have a website, print information leaflets, design posters, talk to journalists and repeatedly call for donations on all available channels!

Administration, IT and organizational development: Many people are afraid of “administration” and take a very critical look at the expenses for it, especially in social organizations. We see it a bit differently and celebrate our administration! Because Viva con Agua wouldn’t exist without administration and neither would our projects. It’s our administration that enables efficient and transparent use of donations.


Viva con Agua is part of theGerman WASH Network 

Viva con Agua is part of SuSanA (Sustainable Sanitation Alliance)

Viva con Agua is part of the German Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft.

1. Name, registered office, founding year

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V.
Neuer Kamp 32
20357 Hamburg
founding year 2006

2. Viva con Agua charter and goals

Our statutes (German)

Our vision

3. Angaben zur Steuerbegünstigung

Wir sind wegen Förderung öffentlicher Gesundheitspflege, Jugendhilfe, Umweltschutz, Völkerverständigung, Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und bürgerschaftlichen Engagement zugunsten gemeinnütziger Zwecke nach der Anlage zum Körperschaftsteuerbescheid des Finanzamtes Hamburg-Nord-17, SteuerNr. 17/454/04711 vom 21.09.2020 für den letzten Veranlagungszeitraum 2018 nach §5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 des Körperschaftsteuergesetzes von der Körperschaftssteuer und nach §3 Nr. 6 des Gewerbesteuergesetzes von der Gewerbesteuer befreit.

4. Managing board

Managing board: Carolin Stüdemann
Directorate: Koray Döver, Ronja Rückheim, Wanja Weskott, Dannie Quilitzsch, Christoph Burggraf

5. Activity reports

We publish annual activity reports in German: Jahresberichte
You can find the current annual report in English here.

6. Staff

Meet our team

7. Origin of revenues

Origin of revenues

A detailed list can be found in the current annual report.

8. Use of funds, including personnel and material costs:

Use of funds, including personnel and material costs

A detailed list can be found in the current annual report.

9. Gesellschaftliche Verbundenheit mit Dritten
Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. ist Mitgesellschafter der Viva con Agua Wasser GmbH und der Goldeimer GmbH und hält jeweils 20% der Anteile. Außerdem ist der Verein Mitgesellschafter der Viva con Agua Arts gGmbH und hält 40% der Anteile.

10. Namen von juristischen Personen, deren jährliche Zahlungen mehr als 10% des Gesamtjahresbudgets ausmachen

Die J2XU Stiftung spendete für das gemeinsame Projekt “John´s Rig” (ein mobiles Bohrgerät in Äthiopien) 625.000 € im Jahr 2019.

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