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Vision and Values

“Viva con Agua is a meaningful community that positively changes the world with joy. A decentralized network of people and organizations that advocates humane access to clean drinking water and basic sanitary provision.”




We motivate individuals and organizations to participate in a social process of positive change because only a committed life is a fulfilling life.


We inspire people to support the global issue of water in a creative and joyful way.


Connecting and synergy-oriented collaborations help us create networks among our decentralized supporters. This results in a stable platform for positive change.


By supporting concrete WASH projects worldwide, Viva con Agua creates social change in the sense of WATER FOR ALL, thus giving higher meaning to time, money and energy!

Cultural basic assumptions

We have developed cultural basic assumptions for us which characterize, support and form the basis of our work.


Viva con Agua is characterized by dynamic change and transformation. We are subject to a continuous development process. And we know: We’re not perfect, but always want to learn from our mistakes. We shape our shared culture through positive impulses, attentive communication and actions. We believe that the continuous development of our network is based on the personal development of each individual, thus resulting in a positive development of society in the spirit of our vision. We want to reflect carefully to best develop ourselves and, consequently, Viva con Agua. We also want to contribute to the optimal development of our environment.


Cooperation is a model of success to us because we use it to create a sustainable, stable basis for social change. Networks and being connected are of great value to us. We are convinced that win-win situations arise from cooperation and networks lead to synergies. We are a family community, meaningful association and a platform for social commitment on which every contribution counts. We feel well taken care of, connected and secure in the Viva con Agua community. Everyone can participate – YOU ARE THE DROP!


We believe that combining meaningfulness and fun leads to long-term success. We are activists of positive change and our commitment is intrinsically motivated. We want to feel joy when being active for and with Viva con Agua. We’re driven by light-hearted, joyful activism. We want to promote creativity and create frameworks so it can unfold. We call it ALL PROFIT!


We have a positive world view and are optimistic because we are convinced that we can shape the world positively! We are solution-oriented and don’t focus on problems, but on the numerous possibilities and potentials. Within the scope of Viva con Agua, we want to develop our own potential. Viva con Agua serves as a platform and provides the general conditions and structures for this purpose. We want to recognize and specifically promote individual strengths.

Unsere Family