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Water projects sounds quite simple, but it’s a science of its own. We have gathered some of the most frequent questions regarding the projects that Viva con Agua supports.

WASH Frequently Asked (and answered) Questions

  • #1

    What’s the meaning of WASH?

  • #2

    What kind of wells are there?

  • #3

    What kind of toilets are being build?

  • #4

    What is happening during an hygiene training?

  • #5

    Which partners is Viva con Agua collaborating with?

  • #6

    How does Viva con Agua select WASH projects?

  • #7

    How is Viva con Agua ensuring the sustainability of supported projects?

  • #8

    What’s behind the so called water committee?

  • #9

    Are people paying for their water services?

  • #10

    How does my donation reach WASH projects?

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