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Donate now for clean drinking water

Support clean drinking water in Uganda with Noel and Viva con Agua because water is a human right.

Your Impact

703 million people worldwide do not have secure access to clean drinking water. Let’s change this together! Clean drinking water transforms lives:

Diseases caused by contaminated water are responsible for more deaths than all forms of violence, including wars.

Fetching water is time-consuming without a water connection at home. Particularly, women gain time with a nearby well, which can be used for self-determined tasks.

Lack of water access is a reason to stay away from school. However, holistic projects that consider water, sanitation, and hygiene components (WASH) benefit especially girls.

In the West Nile and Karamoja regions, as well as around the capital Kampala, we support the construction of wells, the expansion of water supply, or toilets and focus on joyful activation through innovative workshops.

Since 2014, Viva con Agua has been supporting projects in the Karamoja region. Since 2018, also in the West Nile region in Uganda. Experiences gathered with long-time partners Welthungerhilfe and Viva con Agua Uganda are now integrated into a comprehensive WASH program. It continues the work in both regions and consolidates it under the name ONE WASH PROGRAM.

During the last years, over a million South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda, mostly settled in the West Nile region. Due to the overwhelming influx of people, Uganda’s infrastructure cannot provide sufficient access to clean water for the people and their local host communities. The main goal of the program is to improve access to safe drinking water, toilets, and hygiene for around 50 communities in Karamoja and West Nile. Additionally, the WASH and service sector are sustainably strengthened, and natural water catchment areas are preserved.

Our story in Uganda

Viva con Agua has been active in Uganda for a long time. Since 2009, we have been supporting WASH projects in the country. With Viva con Agua Uganda, an independent member of Viva con Agua, established in 2017 in the country, we support water, sanitation, and hygiene with local expertise. Together, we now support a program of Welthungerhilfe in the WEST NILE and KARAMOJA REGIONS.
In general, the integrated WASH program in Uganda significantly improves the supply of communities with clean, safe water and toilets. This is achieved through the repair of defective hand pumps, the installation of rainwater harvesting systems, the maintenance of systems, the distribution of ceramic filters, the strengthening of the capacities of existing community structures, and the facilitation of the construction of sanitary facilities both at the household and institutional levels, as well as through hygiene education and community awareness.

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